Leadership Team

Josh Benton


Josh graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. As Technical Lead, he coordinates and oversees all development projects, directs the business team in day-to-day operations, and facilitates communication between team members.

Chris McKinney

Lead AI Developer

As the Lead AI Developer, Chris is responsible for optimizing the AI core that powers Blue Chip AI’s investment fund. Prior to his work with Blue Chip AI, Chris conducted research which advanced the field of multi-robot artificial intelligence.

Walker Cobb

Director of Research

Walker worked as a freelance technical writer before joining Blue Chip AI as the Lead Grant Writer. He researches and analyzes grant applications to submit for funding. Walker also works with the business team on marketing materials and publications.

Development Team

Melania Stewart

AI Researcher

Joe Lamm

Lead Operations Engineer

Alyssa Shofner

AI Researcher


Mark Layton

Marketing Lead

Internship Program

Tony Carver

Max Harbinson


Jay Martin

Venture Capitalist and Retail Trader

Michael Manderson

Proprietary Options and Futures Trader

Andrew Montgomery

Venture Capitalist and Retail Trader

David M.

Venture Capitalist